Platform for Situated Intelligence Workshop | Day 2

The Platform for Situated Intelligence Workshop took place on April 27-28, 2021.

Platform for Situated Intelligence is an open-source framework from Microsoft Research that significantly accelerates development and research on multimodal, integrative-AI applications. This framework makes it easier to build applications that process multimodal streaming data (audio, video, depth, etc.), combine multiple (AI) technologies, and operate in the open world in real-time.

This two-day workshop included both high-level overviews and in-depth tutorials on various aspects of the framework, from the low-level infrastructure for working with multimodal, streaming data, to development and visualization tools, to the ecosystem of available components and integrations with third-party technologies such as ROS, Python, Microsoft Teams, Unity, etc. The first day of the workshop will focus on high-level overviews and community building, whereas the second day will focus more on tutorials on specific topics. See the agenda page for more information on what was included in the schedule.

Welcome back for day 2
Sean Andrist

Debugging and diagnostics + Q&A
Nick Saw

Interoperating with Python + Q&A
Ashley Feniello

Interoperating with ROS + Q&A
Ashley Feniello

Interoperating with HoloLens 2 + Q&A
Dan Bohus

Interoperating with Teams + Q&A
Sean Andrist

A toolkit for Situated Interactive applications
Sean Andrist

Closing remarks
Dan Bohus and Sean Andrist

Sean Andrist, Nick Saw, Ashley Feniello, Dan Bohus
Microsoft Research