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Research talk: Towards Self-Learning End-to-end Dialog Systems

At present, deep neural networks have become prevalent for building AI systems for vision, language and multimodality. However, how to build efficient and task-oriented models are still challenging problems for researchers. In these lightning talks, Senior RSDE Baolin Peng and Senior Researcher Jianwei Yang from the Deep Learning Group at Microsoft Research Redmond, will discuss end-to-end dialog systems and new architecture for vision systems, respectively. For dialog systems, an end-to-end learning system is achieved by using self-learning from the conversations with a human in the loop. For vision systems, a sparse attention mechanism has been developed for the Vision Transformer to cope with high-resolution image inputs for image classification, object detection and semantic segmentation.

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Deep Learning & Large-Scale AI
Baolin Peng
Microsoft Research Redmond

Deep Learning & Large-Scale AI