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Research talks: AI for software development

This session will showcase a future in which AI automates much of the tedious and error-prone collaborative software development tasks. We take a broad, end-to-end view of software development that consists of not only coding and testing, but also reviewing code and merging changes to deliver high-quality software to customers. In every step of this process, AI assistants will aid humans by improving their productivity and allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of software development. In particular, the session will feature GitHub’s AI pair programmer Copilot, Microsoft’s machine learning–powered IntelliCode extensions, and the exploration of programming languages and machine learning for merge conflicts.


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Empowering Developers and Mathematicians with Next-Gen AI
Neel Sundaresan, Oege de Moor, Todd Mytkowicz
Microsoft, GitHub, Microsoft Research

Empowering Developers and Mathematicians with Next-Gen AI