The Future of Affective Computing


November 19, 2013


What if a wearable device could tell you when you need to step back from the keyboard and take a break before you respond to an email? Or if you could wear a device that showed you stress levels before you start talking about bills? For those who suffer from hypertension, PTSD, or autism, this information can help apply metrics to an important facet of health. These are just some of the ideas researchers are thinking about in the VIBE group (Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment) within Microsoft Research.

AffectAura is a desktop program that streams several inputs from the user to determine an affective state. Another project called MoodWings applies this type of data to a physical talisman, like a butterfly on your wrist. While you may not know something is getting you worked up, your MoodWings butterfly will let you know by increasing wing speed.

Mary Czerwinski, Asta Roseway, and Paul Johns show us some of the research projects they are working in the VIBE group.