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Empowering better care, everywhere, for everyone with Retail+Health

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Over the past year, the pandemic fundamentally changed several industries and impacted the means of consumption and distribution for goods and services globally. With the introduction of social distancing, the decline of indoor interactions and transactions, and unparalleled strain on hospital capacity and care teams, both retailers and health providers had to transform traditional business models to meet evolving consumer and industry needs. Across these industries, COVID-19 highlighted a greater need to support frontline workers and reach underserved communities. As a result, it’s become increasingly clear that consumers today need convenient, cost-effective, and high-quality goods and services to support everyday health and wellness. To meet the needs of consumers and expand equitable access to care, we’re supporting the ongoing development of an industry convergence known as Retail+Health with our cloud capabilities designed specifically for retailers and healthcare organizations. To learn more, visit Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. 

Imagine if it was convenient and cost-effective to manage your health and wellness on a daily basis. Imagine if you felt confident that you could receive high-quality care at any given moment. Imagine if it was easy to find and shop for goods and services that supported your health goals. This reality is being accelerated by the power of technology and the combined forces of Retail+Health to deliver a revolutionized model of care delivery.

At Microsoft, we see Retail+Health as a broad, encompassing opportunity that will take many forms, both physical and digital. This includes what already exists today from the convenience of retail clinics from Walgreens, CVS, and others but will also include a growing number of digital touchpoints and smart devices.


With Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and Microsoft Cloud for Retail, we’ve designed critical solutions to help solve the biggest challenges facing these industries. The capabilities from the clouds can be leveraged together, underpinned by a Common Data Model and an industry-leading security and compliance posture, to empower better care, everywhere, for everyone.

To learn more about how we’re supporting the future of Retail+Health, check out the following: