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Create fan connections and win with the Media and Communications Accelerator

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Media and entertainment organizations worldwide are planning for new digital offerings and the reopening of traditional channels and venues significantly impacted by social distancing and other restrictions. 

With their characteristic sense of purpose, media and entertainment organizations are expanding and deepening consumer engagement to unlock value through personalized content and innovative digital experiences based on comprehensive data-driven insights on media interactions, consumption patterns, social sentiment, purchase history, and known interests. 

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Media and Communications Accelerator enables organizations to develop new and innovative scenarios. It expands the Common Data Model and Power Platform to support industrystandardsbased media and entertainment data models and business logic. 

The Accelerator provides media and communications organizations with capabilities that optimize audience and fan engagement, introduce digitally-managed solutions across business workflows, apply automation to customer interaction monitoring and responses, and provide insights for tailored experiences that connect customers with the products and services they want. It enables media and entertainment organizations and ISVto accelerate the development and deployment of applications, transforming any existing Microsoft Power Apps or Dynamics 365 environment to support virtual events and digital experiences, or to operate theme parks, stadiums, theatres, arenas, and other venues for sports, hospitality, entertainment, the arts, tourism, and conferences. The Accelerator includes sample user interfaces, dashboards, business logic, automation, and sample data that enable media and entertainment organizations to: 

  • Monitor customer engagement as anonymous guests become deeplyengaged fans or active members of loyalty or affinity programs.  
  • Schedule virtual and in-person events, including conferences, concerts, sporting events, and festivals. Plan venue attractions, presentationsperformances, and concessions, whether you support a theme park, arena, or conference center. 
  • Manage sports seasons, games, players, and referees across teams or leagues. 
  • Offer subscriptions and other data services, including packages, memberships, fantasy leagues, and streaming media.  
  • Manage ticketing, reservations, and seats. Build seat maps, track seat inventory within a venue, event, or individual attraction or location, and enable individual or group ticket sales. 
  • Sell and manage in-venue advertising, including digital billboards, scoreboards, and other venue screens and signage for your arena, stadium, or theme park. 

To learn more, watch the Dynamics 365 Media and Communications Accelerator overview at the Microsoft Media and Entertainment Summit 2020an online experience with on-demand sessions presented by experts focused on media and entertainment content production, collaboration, content delivery, and audience insights. 

To get startedtake a Test Drive of the new Accelerator on AppSource. The data model, solutions, data samples, Microsoft Power BI examples, SDK extensions, and more are also provided under an open-source creative license available on GitHub. 

Microsoft empowers media and entertainment organizations to achieve more with our trusted and secure platform supported by a comprehensive partner ecosystem with industry-leading solutions for creativity, collaboration, content management, and personalized experiences. 

Learn more about intelligent media and entertainment to see how the capabilities of our solutions have optimized workflows, streamlined content delivery, and deepened audience engagement for the likes of Mr. X, Dentsu Aegis Network, the Miami HeatReal Madrid, LaLiga, and Thomson Reuters.