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How Microsoft uses social media to create the customer experience

Focus on: Empower Employees, Optimize Operations, Engage Customers

Across the globe, approximately 6,000 tweets are sent into the worldwide socialsphere every second.

Across 900 million users, those 140-character memos add up to roughly 200 billion tweets every year, and they’re all talking about something. Opinions, insights, ideas, trends, and brands–every tweet, hashtag, like, and retweet opens a new window for conversation.

Microsoft hosts over thirty brands and product lines under our social umbrella. From Surface to Xbox, each property requires diligent nurturing, maintenance, and monitoring to succeed. The Microsoft Customer Experience Center is the foundation of our social strategy, sifting through the social chatter to identify opportunities to engage with customers in compelling and authentic ways.

Driven by the social media engagement platform, Sprinklr, combined with tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Office 365 and SQL Server, a team of over 50 people manage each Microsoft product presence by listening, planning, engaging, and driving paid media across over 160 channels. With Sprinklr, Microsoft’s Customer Experience Center team can quickly navigate and monitor our audience’s social engagements based on keyword searches that create engagement queries for community managers. And as more and more conversations and relationships are created with audiences, by integrating Sprinklr with Power BI, the Customer Experience Center management team can visualize real-time breaking trends across all channels.

Social engagement is the customer experience. We think about social media the same way we do service call centers, and we believe that a customer tweet that is ignored is like letting the customer service phone ring off the hook.

Your customers are out there, and you can create this same connection with them using the same approach that Microsoft uses.

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