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  1. Group of men and women walking down a lab hallway

    Research Collection: Research Supporting Responsible AI

    Microsoft is committed to the advancement and use of AI grounded in principles that put people first and benefit society. We are putting these principles into practice throughout the company by embracing diverse perspectives, fostering continuous learning, and proactively responding as AI technology evolves.
    April 13, 2020
  2. Training deep control policies for the real world

    Humans subconsciously use perception-action loops to do just about everything, from walking down a crowded sidewalk to scoring a goal in a community soccer league. Perception-action loops—using sensory input to decide on appropriate action in a continuous real time loop —are at the heart of…
    March 17, 2020
  3. a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

    Email overload: Using machine learning to manage messages, commitments

    As email continues to be not only an important means of communication but also an official record of information and a tool for managing tasks, schedules, and collaborations, making sense of everything moving in and out of our inboxes will only get more difficult. The…
    February 8, 2019