October 20, 2014 - October 22, 2014

eScience Workshop 2014

Location: Guarujá, Brazil

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Photo: ESA; ENVISAT image of southeastern Brazil

Photo: ESA

eScience is the increasingly pervasive role of computation in modern scientific research. Today’s research problems are very complex and require massive amounts of data. The challenges to deal with that data extend throughout the lifecycle of the projects, including data acquisition, data storage and retrieval, data visualization, data analysis, and modelling.

The 2014 Microsoft eScience Workshop was held in conjunction with the 10th IEEE International Conference on e-Science in Guarujá, Brazil. The workshop focused on presentations of the various technologies that can help scientists accomplish research projects more quickly and efficiently. In addition to investigating various general areas of computation that are valuable to scientific projects, we also presented case studies that demonstrate how scientists are already using these approaches in the field.

Our goal for this workshop was to explore how technologies can assist researchers throughout the various steps of the research lifecycle, turning data into knowledge.

About the workshop

Each year, the eScience Workshop provides a forum for scientists and researchers to share their experiences and expertise with the academic and research communities. The eScience Workshop fosters collaboration, facilitates the sharing of software components and techniques, and defines rich, open scientific challenges. Microsoft has been actively pursuing research in eScience for more than 11 years; the book The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery provides a background on its many areas of focus.