digital map showing global data network connectivity
September 1, 2021 September 30, 2023

Networking Lecture Series

Location: Virtual

About the Networking Lecture Series

Our Networking Research Group hosts discussions with leaders in academia and industry through our ongoing Networking Lecture Series. While we are unable to share these sessions on demand, we do want to acknowledge and thank past and upcoming speakers and also encourage and invite others with expertise in this field to present at future sessions.

May 17, 2023Yuval Shpigelman, NVIDIANVIDIA Congestion Control Evolution
November 18, 2022Kenneth P. Birman, Cornell UniversityCascade: A Platform for Fast, Focused Edge Intelligence
September 26, 2022Kyle Jamieson, Princeton UniversitySmart Surfaces for NextG and Satellite mmWave and Ku-Band Wireless Networks
September 23, 2022Danyang Zhuo, Duke UniversitySystematic Testing of High-Speed RDMA Networks
July 27, 2022Mosharaf Chowdhury, University of Michigan, Ann ArborPractical Federated Learning with FedScale, or How to Get Your Head Out of the Cloud
June 29, 2022Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell UniversityOptimal Oblivious Reconfigurable Networks
May 25, 2022Ang Chen, Rice UniversityProgrammable In-network Security
November 10, 2021Fadel Adib, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyDecoding Hidden Worlds: Wireless & Sensor Technologies for Oceans, Health, and Robotics
September 29, 2021Nick Feamster, University of ChicagoMapping and Mitigating the Urban Digital Divide
September 1, 2021Alejandro Ribeiro, University of PennsylvaniaLearning Optimal Resource Allocations in Wireless Communication Systems

Series coordinator

Wei Bai, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research Redmond

If you are interested in giving a talk, you can contact Wei Bai or any of our team members directly.

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