Group Members

Portrait of Ranveer Chandra

Ranveer Chandra

Managing Director, Research for Industry Partner Manager, Networking Research CTO, Agri-Food

Portrait of Behnaz Arzani

Behnaz Arzani

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Anirudh Badam

Anirudh Badam

Principal Research Scientist

Portrait of Wei Bai

Wei Bai

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tusher Chakraborty

Tusher Chakraborty

Software Engineer

Portrait of Krishna Chintalapudi

Krishna Chintalapudi

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Alex Crown

Alex Crown

Research Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Srikanth Kandula

Srikanth Kandula

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Ilias Marinos

Ilias Marinos

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Shadi Noghabi

Shadi Noghabi

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Bodhi Priyantha

Bodhi Priyantha


Portrait of Vaishnavi Ranganathan

Vaishnavi Ranganathan

Senior Researcher


Portrait of Alec Wolman

Alec Wolman

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Dave Maltz

Dave Maltz

Technical Fellow and CVP

Portrait of Deepak Vasisht

Deepak Vasisht

PhD Student/Intern

Portrait of Francis Y. Yan

Francis Y. Yan

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Jitu Padhye

Jitu Padhye

Partner Development Lead

Portrait of Lenin Ravindranath Sivalingam

Lenin Ravindranath Sivalingam

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Manikanta Kotaru

Manikanta Kotaru

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Matthai Philipose

Matthai Philipose

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Sharad Agarwal

Sharad Agarwal

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Stefan Saroiu

Stefan Saroiu

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Victor Bahl

Victor Bahl

Technical Fellow & Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators

Portrait of Yuanchao Shu

Yuanchao Shu

Principal Researcher