Microsoft at VIS 2019

Microsoft at VIS 2019


Microsoft is excited to be a Gold sponsor of IEEE Vis 2019. Stop by our table to chat with our experts, see demos of our latest research and find out about career opportunities with Microsoft.

Committee Chairs

Posters Co-chair: Nathalie Riche
BioVis Challenges Workshop: Cydney Nielsen
Community Co-chair: Weiwei Cui
Web Co-chair: Alper Sarikaya

Microsoft attendees

Saleema Amershi
Ross Anderson
Weiwei Cui
Steven Drucker
Nathan Evans
Bongshin Lee
Mengchen Liu
Dan Marshall
John Neuharth
Cydney Nielsen
Nathalie Riche
Alper Sarikaya
Erik Sommer
Hyemi Song
Christopher Trevino
Yun Wang
Jenn Wortman Vaughan
Haidong Zhang


Sunday, October 20

9:00 AM–9:00 PM | Exhibition Hall A | Poster Session

TabbyGraph: Interactive Graph Transformation
Fabricio Layedra, Tiffany Wun, Gonzalo Mendez, Bongshin Lee, Sheelagh Carpendale

Monday, October 21

9:00 AM–12:20 PM | Workshop

Evaluation of Interactive Visual Machine Learning Systems
Nadia Boukhelifa, Anastasia Bezerianos, Enrico Bertini, Christopher Collins, Steven Drucker, Alex Endert, Jessica Hullman, Michael Sedlmair

9:00 AM–12:20 PM | Tutorial

Beyond Paper Types: How to Evaluate and Communicate VIS Research Contributions
Bongshin Lee, Petra Isenberg, John Stasko, Daniel Weiskopf, Ross Maciejewski,

Wednesday, October 23

9:00 AM–10:30 AM | Ballroom B | Drawing Nodes and Edges

DeepDrawing: A Deep Learning Approach to Graph Drawing
Yong Wang, Zhihua Jin, Qianwen Wang, Weiwei Cui, Tengfei Ma, Huamin Qu

10:50 AM–12:20 PM | Ballroom B | Animation and Sports

A Comparative Evaluation of Animation and Small Multiples for Trend Visualization on Mobile Phones
Matthew Brehmer, Bongshin Lee, Petra Isenberg, Eun Kyoung Choe

2:20 PM–3:50 PM | Ballroom A | (De)Construction

Critical Reflections of Visualization Authoring Systems
Arvind Satyanarayan, Bongshin Lee, Donghao Ren, Jeffrey Heer, John Stasko, John R Thompson, Matthew Brehmer, Zhicheng Liu

Thursday, October 24

2:20 PM–3:50 PM | Ballroom C | Infographics & Storytelling

DataShot: Automatic Generation of Fact Sheet from Tabular Data
Yun Wang, Zhida Sun, Haidong Zhang, Weiwei Cui, Ke Xu, Xiaojuan Ma, Dongmei Zhang

Text-to-Viz: Automatic Generation of Infographics from Natural Language Statements
Weiwei Cui, Xiaoyu Zhang, Yun Wang, He Huang, Bei Chen, Lei Fang, Haidong Zhang, Jian-Guang Lou, Dongmei Zhang

Towards Automated Infographic Design: Deep Learning-based Auto-Generation of Extensible Timeline
Zhutian Chen, Yun Wang, Qianwen Wang, Yong Wang, Huamin Qu

Career opportunities

See below for open opportunities at VIS. Find more opportunities with Microsoft on our careers site.

VIDA Internship

Lab/Location: Microsoft Research Lab – Redmond

This internship is with the Visualization and Interactive Data Analysis (VIDA) group within MSR’s Redmond Lab. The VIDA group conducts research about human-centric data interaction – how do people work with, understand, and communicate with data. This involves everything from exploring storytelling techniques in visualization, 3D immersive analytics…

Software Developer II

Lab/Location: Bellevue, Washington

Power BI is a rising star at Microsoft that has rapidly disrupted and transformed the Business Intelligence market. We are looking for passionate web and full stack developers to create the next generation of BI experiences for Microsoft customers. Power BI is a modern interactive web app built on top of Azure, and the learning opportunities and are plentiful…

Software Engineer II

Lab/Location: Bellevue, Washington

Are you passionate about cloud technology? Do you want to learn the core of what matters in building a cloud service from the best people in the industry? The PowerBI group is building micro-services infrastructure to service millions of users in massive data workloads and super-efficient processing time. Our code is in the bleeding edge of cloud technology…