The Microsoft Research Artist in Residence program brings together artists, scientists, and engineers to reflect and create across the vast unexplored possibilities at the intersection of humanity, culture, and technology. This program merges disciplines to powerfully showcase cutting-edge research, convey higher concepts, and expand public perception of computer science and what computer scientists do.

The nature of this collaborative program underscores that the relationship between artist and industry is based upon what each does best—researchers pursue their intellectual curiosities, theories, and questions; artists observe, question and then sculpt and distill those elements into a public space that creates room for dialogue, iterative prototyping of ideas, and even for beautiful failures that come from inspiring and idealistic ideas.

Man looking up at project Ada


The first architectural pavilion project to incorporate artificial intelligence, Ada’s knitted light immerses visitors in a responsive and interactive glow of photoluminescence.

'The Oregon Project' Artist in Residence exhibit

The Oregon Project

An installation that provides an interactive experience of artwork augmented with sound that allows one to “hear” a large format drawing.

'Food Futures' Artist in Residence exhibit

Food Futures

A triad of Art, Science, and Technology that speculates on the future of our food production, consumption, and distribution models by 2050.

'Panorama of the Skies' Artist in Residence exhibit

A Panorama of the Skies

Using RoomAlive Toolkit to transform the experience of a normal conference a room into an ever-changing skyspace.

'The Skies Epitomized' Artist in Residence exhibit

The Skies Epitomized

The Skies Epitomized utilizes machine learning to derive the essence of the sky from sky images people posted to the internet.

'Disparity' Artist in Residence exhibit


The installation explores the discrepancies in data through physicality and is displayed in a volumetric sense.

'Project Florence' Artist in Residence exhibit

Project Florence

A speculative glimpse into our future where both our natural and digital worlds can co-exist in harmony through enhanced communication.

'Every No One' Artist in Residence exhibit

Every No One

Capturing the faces of passers-by and fragmenting each face into its component eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, which are rear projected in random sequences.

'The Seattle Gigapixel Art Zoom' Artist in Residence exhibit

The Seattle Gigapixel Art Zoom

Gigapixel-sized (multi-billion pixel) images of Seattle populated with interesting things to find, most notably people.

'Remnance of Form' Artist in Residence exhibit

Remnance of Form

Exploring the dynamic tension between an object and its shadow, challenging our perception of reality, what’s real and what’s not.

'HydroWear' Artist in Residence exhibit


Knitwear that brings awareness to the importance of hydration through the implementation of technology using an ancient textile creation technique.

'Bits of Flow' Artist in Residence exhibit

Bits of Flow

Visualizing the 100-most-visited websites in the U.S. as idiosyncratic, interconnected particle systems using real-time web-scraped source code as raw material.

'Growables' Artist in Residence exhibit


A speculative design study that examines the future of bio integrated wearable devices to provoke conversation in terms of design, use, and possible implications.

'Instance' Artist in Residence exhibit


Kinect Common Bridge emphasizes simplicity over features and enables those without advanced programming knowledge to become productive quickly.

'Virus' Artist in Residence exhibit


The idea of creating an organism that is fed by the people and activity in the building. The organism is invasive, infectious, and intelligent.