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Cloud and Infrastructure Security Group

The Cloud and Infrastructure Security Group in Microsoft Research in Redmond tackles tough challenges in many different areas related to the areas of security and privacy. In particular, our group has a strong focus in Cloud Security, Infrastructure Security, Hardware Security and Data-Driven Security.



Portrait of Paul England

Paul England

Distinguished Engineer

Portrait of Cormac Herley

Cormac Herley

Principal Researcher

Portrait of Marcus Peinado

Marcus Peinado


Portrait of Jay Stokes

Jay Stokes

Portrait of Andrey Marochko

Andrey Marochko

Principal SDE

Portrait of Dennis Mattoon

Dennis Mattoon

Principal Software Development Engineer

Portrait of Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson


Portrait of Mariusz Jakubowski

Mariusz Jakubowski

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Sangho Lee

Sangho Lee

Senior Researcher