environmental sustainability - microscopic view of glass-like bubbles

Environmental Sustainability Research

Microsoft Corporate Environmental Sustainability

Driving a more sustainable world through mission-driven scientific research and applied technology

Taking a principled approach

Whenever Microsoft takes on a new and complex societal issue, we strive first to learn and then to define a principled approach to guide our efforts. In 2020, we did the same with environmental sustainability.

female scientist writing equations on a clear panel

Grounding in science and math

We will continually ground our work in the best available science and most accurate math.

Geoexchange construction at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington (photo by Dan DeLong)

Taking responsibility for our footprint

By 2030, we will reduce our own carbon emissions by more than half and remove more carbon than we emit each year.

close up of a hydrogen fuel cell

Investing in new solutions and technology

We will deploy at least $1 billion of our own capital to accelerate the development of carbon reduction and removal technologies that will help us and the world become carbon negative.

aerial view of a mountain top wind farm

Empowering customers and partners around the world

We will develop and deploy technology to help our suppliers and customers around the world reduce their carbon footprints as well.

photo of a forest through a lens ball

Ensuring effective transparency

We will publish an annual sustainability report that provides transparency on our progress.

photo of three business people talking in an outdoor setting

Using our voice on climate-related public policy issues

We will support new public policy initiatives to accelerate carbon reduction and removal opportunities.

photo of male and female employees reviewing information on a tablet

Enlisting our employees

We recognize that our employees will be our biggest asset in advancing innovation, and we will create new opportunities to enable them to contribute to our efforts.