Portrait of Adam Trischler

Adam Trischler

Principal Research Manager


I lead the Machine Comprehension team at Microsoft Research, Montreal. I received my PhD from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, working in the Space Robotics Group under Gabriele D’Eleuterio. My doctoral thesis, A Computational Model for Episodic Memory Inspired by the Brain, combined continuous-time recurrent neural networks with deep belief networks to model compression, storage, and retrieval of sensory experience. I made the jump to natural language processing in 2015, when I joined the Canadian startup Maluuba. I was the first member of its nascent deep learning research team.

I currently study language as an instrument of intelligent agents for the representation and communication of information. I design neural systems for NLP using methods from deep and reinforcement learning, information theory, and computational linguistics. Much of my work up to now has focused on question-answering, but I’m now interested in metalearning, lifelong learning, and…