Portrait of Alan Geller

Alan Geller

Systems Software Architect


I work in the Quantum Architectures and Computation group on the LIQUi|> quantum simulator and related projects in quantum computing and classical control of quantum systems.


Language-Integrated Quantum Operations: LIQUi|>

Established: March 9, 2016

LIQUi|> is a software architecture and toolsuite for quantum computing. It i includes a programming language, optimization and scheduling algorithms, and quantum simulators. LIQUi|> can be used to translate a quantum algorithm written in the form of a high-level program…

Horton – Querying Large Distributed Graphs

Established: October 14, 2010

Horton is a research project in the eXtreme Computing Group to enable querying large distributed graphs. It consists of a graph library built on top on Orleans that targets hosting large graphs in a data center. The library provides a…

Orleans – Virtual Actors

Established: October 14, 2010

Project "Orleans" invented the Virtual Actor abstraction, which provides a straightforward approach to building distributed interactive applications, without the need to learn complex programming patterns for handling concurrency, fault tolerance, and resource management. Orleans applications scale-up automatically and are meant to be…