Portrait of Andrew Jenks

Andrew Jenks

Principal Lead Program Manager


I lead the Azure Media Security team.  My team is focused on all aspect of ensuring media can be distributed and used safely and in accordance with the media owner’s intent.

My current projects include leading Media Provenance effort at Microsoft, bringing a new level of transparency and trust to published media.  This important work is being standardized in the Coalition for Content Authentication and Provenance, which I chair.  I’m heavily involved in related media provenance efforts such as Project Origin, focused on ensuring trust in digital news, and the Content Authenticity Initiative, focused on media provenance for creators.  I also direct the PlayReady digital rights management team, an industry-leading DRM used by over a thousand streaming services to protect their content and enable their users.  Work in related standards bodies includes representing Microsoft as a Director in the Advanced Access Content Protecting System and the Blu-ray Disc association.

My overarching goal is to develop technological solutions to problems in the media space that people, companies, and governments face every day.  I strive to find solutions that can be leveraged by broad swaths of the media ecosystem through collaboration both inside and outside Microsoft.