Portrait of Aleksandar Dragojevic

Aleksandar Dragojevic

Senior Researcher


Lately I have been really excited about several emerging hardware trends and their impact on the design of software systems that run in data centres. Three major trends really stand out: large main memories of modern machines, very fast networks and interconnects, and increasingly higher integration of components on chips. Common to all these trends is how they enable building much denser computers, meaning that performing the same computation on the same amount of data requires much less space and is cheaper than with traditional hardware. I am mostly interested in how these novel hardware developments impact software, as we need to change the software stacks, from the operating and runtime systems to the applications, in order to best utilize them.

In general, I am interested in many areas of computer science, but mainly in concurrent and distributed computing. I prefer staying on the practical side of problems and enjoy implementing real systems ranging from simple script based solutions to everyday problems to complex production systems.

I received my PhD from EPFL Switzerland in 2012, where I worked on performance of software transactional memory. I received my Graduate Electrical Engineer diploma from FTN, University of Novi Sad, Serbia in 2004.