Portrait of Anirudh Badam

Anirudh Badam

Principal Research Scientist


Anirudh Badam is a principal research scientist in Microsoft Azure Global Research group. He is interested in problems pertaining to system support for IoT/Edge+Cloud (project FarmBeats), new memory technologies (project Navamem), and energy efficiency of mobile systems (Battery Research at Microsoft). He has a PhD from Princeton University (2012) and an undergraduate degree from IIT Madras (2006) in computer science. He joined Microsoft Research in September 2012.

April 2020: Invited to serve on the ERC for Micro 2020
December 2019: Serving as the co-chair for HotStorage 2020
November 2019: LeapIO accepted to ASPLOS’20
August 2019: Serving on the PC of SYSTOR 2020
August 2019: Serving on the PC of USENIX ATC 2020
August 2019: Serving on the PC of NVMW 2020
July 2019: TYE wins the best paper award at ACM COMPASS’19
April 2019: PolyEMT accepted to SYSTOR’19
April 2019: Demeter accepted to HotOS’19
November 2018: Invited to serve on the PC of HotStorage’19
September 2018: Invited to chair NVMW’19
August 2018: Invited to serve on the PC of SYSTOR’19
August 2018: Serving on the PC of HPCA’19
May 2018: HyperLoop accepted to ACM SIGCOMM’18
March 2018: Featured on the Microsoft Research Podcast
January 2018: Serving as the WiP & Poster session chair at USENIX FAST’18
June 2017: Navamem received the MSR Redmond Outstanding Project Award
June 2017: Received the MSR Redmond Rockstar Award
May 2017: Invited to serve on the PC of USENIX FAST’18
April 2017: LSNVM accepted to USENIX ATC’17
March 2017: Viyojit accepted to ISCA’17
January 2017: KaminoTx accepted to EuroSys’17
January 2017: Serving as the poster session chair at USENIX NSDI’17
December 2016: FlashBlox accepted to USENIX FAST’17
December 2016: CACM Research Highlight on Software-Defined Batteries
November 2016: IEEE Pervasive Computing magazine Research Spotlight on offloading work
August 2016: Invited to serve on the heavy PC of NSDI’17
January 2016: FlashMap receives an Honorable Mention at the IEEE Micro Top Picks 2016
July 2015: WearDrive wins best paper award at USENIX ATC’15
June 2015: Software-Defined Batteries accepted to SOSP’15
June 2015: FaRM accepted to SOSP’15
April 2015: WearDrive accepted to USENIX ATC’15
March 2015: FlashMap accepted to ISCA’15