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Lakshya A Agrawal

Research Fellow

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I am a Research Fellow in the AI4Code team at Microsoft Research, and work with Dr. Aditya Kanade (opens in new tab), Dr. Shuvendu Lahiri (opens in new tab) and Dr. Sriram Rajamani (opens in new tab). My research interests span Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, and Programming Languages. I am currently working on improving the code generation capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) and exploring how generative AI can automate software engineering tasks.

I received my B. Tech degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from IIIT-Delhi in 2022. My B. Tech thesis, supervised by Dr. Raghava Mutharaju (opens in new tab), focused on automated and symbolic transpilation from SPARQL to Cypher, which are both graph query languages. I also did a summer internship at EPFL in 2022, where I contributed to the development of streamblocks-graalvm (opens in new tab), to develop a CAL Language runtime running over GraalVM, under the guidance of Dr. Endri Bezati (opens in new tab) and Prof. James Larus (opens in new tab). In addition, I completed a summer internship as an SDE intern at Microsoft Azure Compute group in 2022.

I also participated in the Google Summer of Code 2019, where I developed Pytranslate (opens in new tab), a transpiler that converts the Maxima CAS into Python, under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Dodier and Dr. Dimiter Prodanov.