Portrait of Andreas Georgiou

Andreas Georgiou



Andreas has been working in the field of holography since 2000. Currently, he is looking how digital and analogue holography could be combined with advances in the information technology to make the new generation of Head Mounted Displays.

If you are a PhD student in optics or a recent PhD graduate, and interested in an internship at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, please send Andreas an email with your CV. We are particularly looking for people with experience in:

  • Free-space optical experiments
  • Digital diffractive optics (including SLMs and DOEs)
  • Computer generated hologram (CGH) design algorithms (e.g. 3D polygon-based algorithms, Gerchberg-Saxton, Fienup etc)
  • Volume Holography
  • Holographic Optical Element (HOE) fabrication
  • Theoretical understanding HOEs (e.g. as described by Kogelnik)
  • and many more!