Portrait of Apurv Mehra

Apurv Mehra

Research Software Engineer


Apurv Mehra is a Research Engineer in the Technology for Emerging Markets group (TEM) at Microsoft Research India. His research involves designing complex socio-technical systems to cater to the needs to users in emerging markets. He has worked extensively on designing solutions to improve financial inclusion for low income users, which have been published in top conferences. He  also worked on designing and building novel blockchain consensus protocol to work with low resource usage. He has in the past worked closely with iSpirt to test and evaluate IndiaStack API’s and design usable sandbox to enable easy developer adoption. He also worked closely with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to design and prototype solutions which went towards architecting the latest regulations on UCC released in July 2018.

He graduated with Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science from IIIT-Delhi in 2014, where his primary area of research was technology in healthcare. He  contributed to open source projects where he worked closely with HISP and Govt of Himachal Pradesh to prototype and deploy the first SDMX-HD based healthcare system in India.