Portrait of Besmira Nushi

Besmira Nushi

Senior Researcher


I am a senior researcher in the Adaptive Systems and Interaction group in MSR AI. My research work lies in the intersection of human and machine intelligence. I am currently excited about two main directions in this realm: Human-AI Collaboration for enhancing human capabilities while solving complex tasks, as well as Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis for AI\ML systems for improving and accelerating the software development lifecycle of intelligent systems. Moreover, I am also involved in various research initiatives and projects that study the societal impact of artificial intelligence as well as various quality-of-service aspects of AI including interpretabilitytransparencyaccountability, and fairness. If you are a PhD student looking for an internship position around these topics send me an email. The Adaptive Systems and Interaction group is a fun bunch of excellent and diverse researchers.

Prior to joining MSR AI, in 2016 I completed my PhD degree at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) in the Systems Group, supervised by Prof. Donald Kossmann and Prof.