I joined the Mobile and Sensing Systems group at Microsoft Research Asia in 2012. Currently in the Big Data Mining group; my main research interests are intelligent agents, mobile and context-aware systems, data pipelines/analytics, and digital entertainment, but my work also covers aspects of software engineering and testing.

Before joining Microsoft Research I was a Research Scientist at Nokia Institute of Technology (INdT), a Nokia-founded R&D lab in Brazil, leading its Contextual Platform effort. I received my doctorate in Computer Science from PUC-Rio, Brazil in 2010 and my BSc from UFPE.

Previously I’ve also worked as system/software architect, consultant, product owner, and development team lead on projects for companies such as Nokia, C.E.S.A.R., Motorola, 3, TIM, Radix.com, Petrobras, and others.

Community Services (recent):

* Technical Program Committee:
IEEE/ACM MobileSoft (2018, 2017, 2015, 2014)
ACM Multimedia – Systems track (2017)
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia’s MGIA (2017, 2015)
IFIP ICEC (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2006)
IEEE CPSCom (2016)

* 2016: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia’s Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications (MGIA) Co-chair.
* 2014: MGIA Chair.
* 2013: MGIA Chair; SBGames Tutorials co-chair.
* 2012: SIGGRAPH Operations sub-committee.

* Guest co- editor: Computer & Graphics, Special Section on Recent Mobile Graphics Research, 2016/2017.

* Reviewer:
Journals: ACM IMWUT – Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (2017), Entertainment Computing (2016, 2015), IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (2016, 2014), SBC RITA (2015);
Conferences: IEEE WoWMoM (2015), Mobiquitous (2014), MobiCASE (2013).

Contact Details:

Börje F. Karlsson
Microsoft Research Asia
T2/12431, No. 5 Danling St
Haidian District
Beijing, P.R. China 100080

E-mail: [alias] borje.karlsson
[domain] microsoft.com




Internship Opportunities

We are looking for exceptional full-time research interns. Candidates with research background on mobile computing, data-driven analytics, game AI, and hands-on systems development experience are preferred. For more information, please refer to our job descriptions. To apply, please send your CV to msrajobs@microsoft.com and copy me.

Past Interns at MSRA

Luxin Zhang (’17 PKU, BSc)
Zixuan Chen (’17 Wuhan University, BSc)
Shiheng Wang (’17 HKUST, PhD candidate)
Lulu Zhang (’17 Beijing Institute of Technology – BIT, Msc)
Boda Han (’17 BUPT, MSc)
Linzi Xu (’17 Tsinghua/UW, GIX MSc program, Co-advised with Yuanchao Shu)
Yu Yang (’17 Tsinghua/UW, GIX MSc program, Co-advised with Yuanchao Shu)
Jiaxuan Xu (’17 Tsinghua/UW, GIX MSc program, Co-advised with Yuanchao Shu)
Minxing Xie (’17 Zhejiang University, Co-advised with Yuanchao Shu)
Ruogu Du (’17 PKU, Co-advised with Yuanchao Shu)
Yipeng Chen (’16/’17 PKU, MSc)
Chengliang Gao (’16 Peking University – PKU, MSc)
Ting Pan (’16 Univ. of Nottingham, UK, Co-advised with Yuanchao Shu)
Yi Luo (’16 Beihang University)
Yiming Liu (’15/’16 SJTU, Joint PhD at MSRA)
Kexiong “Curtis” Zeng (’15 Virginia Tech, PhD candidate)
Zheyi Pan (’14/’15 SJTU, Joint PhD at MSRA)
Jiancheng Li (’14/’15 Beihang University)
Zhaoming Wu (’13 Tsinghua, Co-advised with Nic Lane)
Hang Wu (’13 Tsinghua, Co-advised with Nic Lane)