Portrait of Christophe Poulain

Christophe Poulain

Principal SDE


I am a Senior Research SDE in the Connections team of Microsoft Research.

One of my current interests is the development and the application of software to solve problems that involve massive amounts of data and computation. I am particularly concerned with scientific problems like those described in the Fourth Paradigm book. What software do scientists –who are not computer scientists– need to do data-intensive science?

In my short time at Microsoft, I have had great fun working on a series of interesting and often vastly different projects. These include: e-science in the cloud using Windows Azure; DryadLINQ with Dryad on Windows HPC clusters; Terapixel as well as other visualizations and tools for WorldWide Telescope; functional programming in the browser with Try F#; and Microsoft Translator Hub.

I have a rich experience in software development and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington.



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