Portrait of Dan Morris

Dan Morris

Software Engineer II


As a Software Engineer on the PROSE team I work to bridge the conceptual gap between research and engineering by taking the forefront of academic progress and delivering it in products to surprise and delight our customers. I am particularly interested in how we can apply these learning in solving everyday problems for people across the globe.

I have previously worked to develop large-scale distributed REST API’s supporting over a billion monthly active users. I focused on creating and processing the telemetry gained from services in a way to provide actionable insights to improve products. In addition, I have undertaken independent research into Bayesian and neural networks, and also worked alongside researchers and colleagues within the domain of active-segment detection.

I look forward to working and developing within Microsoft and alongside innovative and like-minded people. I am always open for conversations or a cup of tea.

Awards & Accolades:

  • Microsoft Experiences & Devices FHL Leadership Award 2019
  • Microsoft Norway People’s Choice Award Spring FHL 2019
  • Sean Morley Memorial UK Government Award 2018
  • University of Surrey – Valedictorian 2017
  • University of Surrey – Best Final Year Performance; Best Final Year Thesis; Energy & Climate Change Prize
  • Imperial College London ICHACK 2017 – Overall Winner