Portrait of Daxin Jiang (姜大昕)

Daxin Jiang (姜大昕)

Partner Chief Scientist of STCA


Partner Chief Scientist of Microsoft STCA (Software Technology Center at Asia). Leads an R&D group with ~200 applied scientists and engineers to develop NLP technologies, applications and platforms, which support various Microsoft products, including Bing, M365, and Microsoft Cognitive Services. Years of experience of Research and Engineering in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Bioinformatics. Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Statue University of New York at Buffalo in 2005, Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering School of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2005-2006), and Lead Researcher in Microsoft Research Asia (2007-2011). Published 60+ papers with 4000+ citations. Won the SIGKDD Best Application Paper Award in 2008, and Runner-up for SIGKDD Best Application Paper Award in 2004.