Portrait of Duyu Tang

Duyu Tang

Senior Researcher


Duyu Tang (唐都钰) is a Senior Researcher in Natural Language Computing group of Microsoft Research Asia, working on natural language processing (NLP).

Duyu joined Microsoft in 2016, after receiving his Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from Harbin Institute of Technology. Duyu’s research has been advancing the state of art of explainable and trustworthy NLP systems, while making direct technical contributions to production. Over the years, Duyu worked on a wide range of NLP problems, from sentiment analysis, question answering, conversational semantic parsing, knowledge-driven machine reasoning, fact checking and fake news detection, to NLP + Coding.

Duyu served on the program committees of top NLP/AI conferences: ACL (2016-2020), EMNLP (2015-2020), NeurIPS (2018/2020), TACL (2020-2022), NAACL (2018/2019). He was an area chair for EMNLP 2020.

More info can be found from my personal website.