Portrait of Fil Alleva

Fil Alleva

Partner Research Manager


I am the Research Manager for the Speech & Dialogue Research Group focus on pushing the boundaries of knowledge for Speech Recognition and Spoken Dialogue.

I joined Microsoft as a Researcher in 1993 as part of Microsoft’s early push into speech technology; in 1998 I joined the newly formed Intelligent Interface Technologies group which shipped the first version of Microsoft’s speech technology in Office XP. Before returning to research I led the speech team, in various configurations, that was responsible for the speech capabilities in Windows, Exchange, Windows Automotive, Xbox, Windows Phone, Skype Speech to Speech translation, Bing Speech, and Cortana.

Previously I was a Project Scientist in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon where I worked under Prof. Raj Reddy on the Agora, Sphinx and Sphinx II systems, for which I was awarded the 1992 Allen Newell Research Excellence Medal. I am the inventor or co-inventor on ~25 Microsoft patents in speech technology as well as having published various papers on spoken language technology.