Portrait of Gonzalo Ramos

Gonzalo Ramos

Principal Researcher


I am a Principal Researcher working on Interactive Machine Learning and Teaching, and Human-Centered Machine Learning. I am currently part of the HUE group at Research at Redmond, where I look at ways to give people rich agency in the ways they participate in human-AI collaboration systems.

My Research DNA is about Human-Computer Interaction (although I think Human-Information Interaction is a better, more humanistic term), and over the years I have has acquired what has been reliably diagnosed as an incurable Design and Engineering problem. My passion is to empower people by making information and technology accessible, enjoyable, and useful to all. I do this by researching, rediscovering, designing, and crafting solutions as appropriate. I love interdisciplinary work that aims to solve hard problems, and that challenges me to learn.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto’s DGP lab, as well as the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Prior to my position at Microsoft Research, I worked as a Senior Design Technologist and later UX Scientist at Amazon, and as a Scientist Microsoft.