Portrait of Hamid Palangi

Hamid Palangi



I am a member of MSR AI at Microsoft Research.

My current research interests are mainly in the areas of Machine Learning [focusing on Deep Learning], Natural Language Processing, and Reasoning across Language and Vision. In the past I was interested in Linear Inverse Problems [focusing on Sparse Decomposition and Compressive Sensing].

Before joining MSR AI, I worked at MSR on deep learning methods for Speech Recognition (2013), Sentence Modeling for Web Search and Information Retrieval (2014, IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper award 2018), and Image Captioning (2016).

I also work as a mentor at the Microsoft AI School advanced projects class (AI-611) [currently only available for Microsoft FTEs].


  • Our work on sentence embedding for web search and IR was selected for IEEE Signal Processing Society 2018 Best Paper award. Congratulations to the team and wonderful collaborators!
  • Our work on designing DL models with higher interpretability capabilities using TPRs got accepted at AAAI 2018 (Oral Presentation). You can download the paper here. Two short posts related to this work are available here and here.
  • Presented a tutorial at IEEE GlobalSIP 2017 @ Montreal about DL tools and frameworks. If you are similar to me, having the question “which DL framework should I choose for my project?,” check it out here.




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