Portrait of Jina Suh

Jina Suh

Principal Research Software Engineer


I’m a Research Software Design Engineer (RSDE) in the HUE group at Microsoft Research Redmond Lab. I am also a first year PhD student at Paul G. Allen School of the Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington advised under James Fogarty and Daniel Weld. I am a proud alumnus of the Machine Teaching group where I grew my interest and passion for HCI and ML.

My research interests lie in Mental Health, Human-AI collaboration, visualization and tools for ML, and interpretability and bias in ML. I am currently interested in the use of technology to augment or facilitate mental health care and interventions and the application of data science and ML for human well-being, and I would love to learn more about how humans can meaningfully interact with AI systems for their self efficacy and well-being.  I’m generally passionate about User Experience, Design, Interactions, and User Research especially in the area of ML. I’m fascinated by HCI theories and methods as well as Information Visualization. I love to experiment with new ideas to understand how humans interact with ML systems and design and build software to solve interesting challenges that arise in bringing humans and machines together. I love that I get to learn about HCI and ML and also exercise my developer skills.

I have a master’s degree in UW’s Human-Centered Design and Engineering program. Prior to joining MSR, I worked in Xbox for 7 years, interned at MSR for World Wide Telescope project, and got my a BA/MS in Physics from Columbia and Harvard where I once aspired to be an experimental astrophysicist and a particle physicist.