Portrait of Jina Suh

Jina Suh

Principal Research Software Engineer


I’m a Principal Research Software Engineer in the HUE group at Microsoft Research Redmond Lab. I am also a first year PhD student at Paul G. Allen School of the Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington advised under James Fogarty and Daniel Weld. I am a proud alumnus of the Machine Teaching group where I grew my interest and passion for HCI and ML.

My research interests lie in Mental Health, Human-AI collaboration, visualization and tools for ML, and interpretability and bias in ML. I am currently interested in the use of technology to augment or facilitate mental health care and interventions and the application of data science and ML for human well-being, and I would love to learn more about how humans can meaningfully interact with AI systems for their self efficacy and well-being.  I’m generally passionate about User Experience, Design, Interactions, and User…