Portrait of Justin D. Harris

Justin D. Harris

"Senior Software Development Engineer"


Justin D. Harris was one of the initial employees at Maluuba, working just part-time from October 2011 to Jan 2012 part-time while still finishing his bachelor degree. He rejoined Maluuba full-time while still in school in April 2012. In February 2017, Maluuba was acquired by Microsoft where Justin stayed on as a software developer working with researchers. Justin has experience in ontological representations, classification, entity tagging, dialog, and implementing neural networks for production systems. Justin has management experience in bringing NLU systems to production for many languages but prefers work directly on engineering now.

Justin is currently working on implementing AI in smart contracts in order to collect quality data and provide models that are free to use. Experiments are done on the Ethereum blockchain. Details: https://github.com/Microsoft/0xDeCA10B

In his spare time, Justin enjoys skiing, surfing, ultimate frisbee, playing video games, working on various machine learning tasks, and researching or working with digital currencies and smart contracts.

University of Waterloo
BMath double major, Honours Computer Science and Honours Combinatorics & Optimization, 2013