Portrait of Aditya Kanade

Aditya Kanade

Principal Researcher


I am a principal researcher at Microsoft Research India. I am interested in all aspects of building trustworthy, scalable and intelligent systems. My research contributions have spanned the areas of artificial intelligence, formal methods, programming languages and software engineering. My current focus is on re-inventing software engineering and software systems in the light of the emerging AI capabilities. Before joining Microsoft Research, I was a full professor at the Indian Institute of Science (2009-2022). I also spent two years as a staff visiting researcher at Google Brain (2018-2020). I did postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania and PhD at IIT Bombay.

Conference program committee

  • 2024 – AAAI (Area chair), ASPLOS, ICSE
  • 2023 – NeurIPS, ICML, ESEC/FSE (Industry track), ICLR, AAAI (Area chair), ISEC (Area chair)
  • 2022 – NeurIPS, AIMLSystems, MAPS, AAAI (Area chair), ICLR
  • 2021 – NeurIPS, AIMLSystems, ICML, AAAI, PLDI, ICLR, ICSE
  • 2020 – NeurIPS, PLDI (EPC)

Journal review board

  • Transactions of Machine Learning Research (February 2022 – present)
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (June 2017 – March 2021)

Keynotes/invited talks

  • “Future of software engineering with generative AI”, Invited talk in the Product Excellence Series, Microsoft IDC, March 2023
  • “Deep learning meets software engineering”, Keynote at the MINDS Workshop, ACM/IEEE COMSNET, January 2023
  • “Automating software engineering with machine learning”, Keynote at the 15th ACM Innovations in Software Engineering Conference, February 2022
  • “Advances in machine learning for software engineering”, Invited talk at the Open Data Science Conference, APAC region, September 2021