Portrait of Karla Saur

Karla Saur

Senior RSDE


Karla started her career at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) working as a research programmer in the information security field after completing her master’s degree at JHU. From there, she decided on a career in research and completed a PhD at the University of Maryland in Computer Science in 2015; her thesis was on updating software while it’s running (because she dislikes rebooting and system downtime).

After graduating, Karla worked at Intel Labs for three years as a research scientist on various systems-related projects ranging from 5G to Kubernetes.

She joined Microsoft in 2018, initially working on the product side of Azure where she gained valuable production system experience and moved to Gray Systems Labs (GSL) in May 2019.   In GSL, Karla has focused on accelerating inference in machine learning models with GPUs and on in-database machine learning.

Her passion is working on large-scale systems and infrastructure, and focusing on challenges involving high availability, scalability, and performance.