Portrait of Kenton O'Hara

Kenton O'Hara

Senior Researcher


Kenton works in the Human Experience and Design Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge and is also a Visiting Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Bristol. His research explores everyday social and collaborative practices with technology with a view to informing design and innovation. His most recent research has focused on user experiences and practices with “touchless” gestural interaction technology in a variety of areas such as surgery, urban displays and everyday desktop computing. Over the years, his research has investigated new technologies in a variety of domains including the home, mobile environments, urban settings and the workplace. Kenton has authored over 90 publications and two books on public displays and music consumption. He has previously worked as a Senior Principal Scientist at CSIRO and as Director of the HxI Initiative in Australia as well as being a Senior Researcher at Xerox EuroPARC, HP Labs and the Appliance Studio.