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Kristin M. Tolle, Ph.D. is the Chief Data Officer and Principal Technical Strategist for the Technology for Social Impact Team in Microsoft Philanthropies. She focuses on designing real-world, cloud-based, AI-enabled solutions for non-profits leveraging her more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry and more than 10 years in research. Currently, she is working with several United Nations organizations working to perform data analytics to enable effective monitoring and execution of programs using the latest artificial intelligence techniques.

Dr. Tolle is also a Lecturer on Machine Learning and Data Science at the University of Washington and a Senior Data Science Fellow at the eScience Institute in Seattle, Washington. She sits on two National Academy of Science Committees: Mapping Science and Data Science Education and is a contributor to the Artificial Intelligence and Data Ethics Committee. She is also a reviewer for the National Science Foundation for the Big Data, Smart Medicine and Data Science Education grants.

Most of Dr. Tolle’s tenure at Microsoft has been in Microsoft Research working on biomedical computing, data science and curation, machine translation and building machine learning toolkits for studying climate change. Just prior to joining the Tech for Social Impact team in Microsoft Philanthropies, she was a Principal Director of Data Science in Microsoft’s AI Engineering, Algorithms and Development team—leading a team of architects, data scientists and program managers to build training materials across Microsoft’s AI platform. She has a dozen patents and was the co-editor and co-author of the earliest books on big data, The Fourth Paradigm: Data Intensive Scientific Discovery.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Tolle was an Oak Ridge Science and Engineering Research Fellow for the National Library of Medicine and a Research Associate at the University of Arizona Artificial Intelligence Lab managing the group on medical information retrieval and natural language processing. She earned her Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Management of Information Systems with a minor in Computational Linguistics.




Upcoming Events

  • Microsoft Research India, Faculty Summit
    28-29 January 2016
    Pune, India
  • WSDM
    22-25 December 2016
    San Francisco, CA
  • WWW
    11-14 April 2016
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • KDD
    13-17 August 2016
    San Francisco, CA

Past Events

  • UW Cloud Day
    12 November 2015
    Seattle, WA
  • Big Data Congresso
    23-24, November 2015
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • NatureServe
    2-4 December 2015
    Washington, DC
  • AGU
    14-18 December 2015
    San Francisco, CA