Portrait of Kenneth Tran

Kenneth Tran

Principal Research Engineer


I’m a Principal Research Engineer in the Deep Learning Group. I have a wide interest in Machine Learning spanning from theory to practice to system designs.

My current main research pursuit is reinforcement learning (RL) with focus on model-based reinforcement learning, uncertainty quantification, and planning/decision making under uncertainty; and real-world optimal control applications, including indoor farming optimization and industrial robotics at large.

Previously, I’ve also worked on:

Convolutional neural nets and computer vision (object detection, image segmentation, image classification, etc.)
Image captioning and multimodal modeling
Optimization algorithms
DL/ML platform

Below are some of the projects in which I’ve played a leading role:

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Control Problems in Data Center Energy Optimization, Indoor Agriculture, etc.
Project FarmBeats: AI & IoT for Agriculture
Computer Vision API for Cognitive Services

In addition, I’m also the chief mentor of Microsoft AI School’s advanced projects class.

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