Portrait of Luong Hoang

Luong Hoang

Senior Research SDE


My name is Luong (Louie) Hoang. I am a Research Engineer at Microsoft Research New England lab. Prior to joining MSR, I spent some time helping to build the kernel for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

At Microsoft Research, I have worked on various Machine Learning systems. Some of these (in cooperation with others) include: Multi-World Testing (contextual bandit), Predictive Accentless Typing, Object Recognition via Deep Learning, Face Recognition, Motion Estimation, etc…

On a personal note, I’m currently also a graduate student at Harvard studying Computer Science. Aside from Machine Learning, my general interests are in Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing. I am especially passionate about transforming new ideas into better and more intelligent technology.


Multiworld Testing

Established: November 1, 2013

Exponentially better than A/B testing. Multiworld Testing (MWT) is the capability to test and optimize over K policies (context-based decision rules) using an amount of data and computation that scales logarithmically in K, without…


Some other projects/activities that I’ve been involved with: