Portrait of Mark Filer

Mark Filer

Principal Engineer, Optical Communications Systems


Responsible for architecting and delivering end-to-end optical solutions which enable the Microsoft cloud.

  • Datacenter interconnect (DCI) solutions leveraging ultra-low power/cost 100G DWDM transceiver based on Silicon Photonics (SiP) PAM4 technology deployed at wide scale. Provides orders-of-magnitude cost and power savings compared to currently available coherent solutions for DCI.
  • Long-haul / inter-city open line system (OLS) solutions – disaggregating optical transceiver sources from common line system components (muxing structure, ROADMs, amps) for a fully flexible line system, enabled by the Microsoft SDN controller. Optical sources include in-router integrated coherent optics (ICO) and cloud-optimized high-density transponders.
  • Driving industry collaboration / direction within standards bodies (OIF, IEEE), consortia (SFF, MSA), and other forums (TIP, OCP, OpenConfig) to drive awareness of our use cases and alignment among our peers and suppliers
  • Represent Microsoft’s optical efforts in industry conferences and publications to foster further industry collaboration and understanding