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Mar Gonzalez Franco



I am a researcher at Microsoft Research. I am also Honorary Research Fellow at the EVENT-Lab in University of Barcelona. In my research I try to achieve strong immersive experiences using different disciplines: Virtual Reality, computer graphics, computer vision and haptics. All while studying human behavior, perception and neuroscience.

Before joining MSR, I graduated top class in Computer Science from Universitat Ramon LLull, in Barcelona 2008 and completed a Master in Biomedical Engineering in a join program between Universitat de Barcelona and Tsinghua University in China 2010. In 2014 I earned my PhD in Immersive Virtual Reality and Clinical Psychology under the supervision of Prof. Mel Slater at the EVENT-Lab, affiliated as a visiting student at the MIT MediaLab – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During my PhD I produced anarchic hand experiences into healthy humans (link), as well as stabbed their virtual hands (link), indeed virtual reality is probably the only platform where you can do all of that and get away with the ethics committee. Altogether to explore how our brain perceives our body and search the underlying mechanisms that determine what is real and what is not. Technologically I was using real-time computer graphics, HMDs and body tracking systems. I then did a post-doc at the University College London’s Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics (UCL-VECG) group. Willing to impact larger audiences I pivoted into industrial laboratories; I created and led an immersive tech lab at Airbus Group and later joined Traity as a Research Scientist, working on the creation of reputation standards for a user base of 4.5M.


  • Stanford University. November 28, (Seminar + Visit)
  • Society for Neuroscience 2017. Washington DC, November 11-15 (attending)
  • Grace Hopper Celebration 2017, Orlando, October 4-6 (Microsoft Ambassador)
  • Microsoft Faculty Summit 2017. The Edge of AI. July 17-18 (panel session organizer)
  • EXF17 Experience Fighters, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain, “Illusions in Virtual Reality”, June 21-22 (invited speaker, 500 attendees)
  • Women in VR, Innoarea, ValenciaLab, May 3 2017 (invited speaker)
  • e3iVR, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, USA, “Ethics in the investigational and interventional uses of immersive Virtual Reality”, April 26-27 (invited speaker)

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Roles: Since 2016 Review Editor for Virtual Environments at Frontiers in ICT and Frontiers in Robotics and AI.
  • Conference Committee: Technical Program ACM MM (2017), Technical Program ACM MMSys Special Session on Immersive Experiences (2017), Panelist IEEE VR (2012), VERE Symposium Chair (2011), Workshop BCI Interaction (2009)
  • Journal Peer Reviewer: TOCHI, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (2017), Frontiers in ICT (2016), Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2014), Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments (2014), Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems (2013)
  • Conference Peer Reviewer: IEEE VR (2016, 2017), IEEE ISM (2016), ACM UIST (2016), ACM MM (2016)
  • Expert Evaluator: Future and Emerging Technologies, Horizon 2020, European Commission (2016); Expert – Los 100 de COTEC (2017).

Interns and Students
Christopher Berger – Visiting Researcher, Karolinska Institutet
Baihan Lin – Visiting Student, Columbia University
2015 (at Airbus)
Rodrigo Pizarro – Intern, Universitat de Barcelona
Jacob Thorn – Intern, University College London

Academic Collaborators
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez (U Carlos III de Madrid & UCL)
Antonella Maselli (U Santa Lucia – Roma)

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Media Coverage

My work has been covered by media such as Techcrunch, The Verge, Inverse, Vice Motherboard, GeekWire, Fortune Magazine, The World Economic Forum, El Pais, Techradar, Euronews, ABC…


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Other Coverage

TechVives: “Renowned Researchers Predict How Emerging Technology Will Look in a Decade”

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ABC, Australia: “Virtual Reality addiction threat prompts cautious approach as VR nears ‘smartphone-like’ take-off”

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