I joined Microsoft Research in May 2011. I am interested in creating systems (programming languages, runtimes, compilers, and architectures) that make programming easy and the resulting systems correct, reliable, and efficient.


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Cooperative Cache Scrubbing
Jennifer B. Sartor, Wim Heirman, Stephen M. Blackburn, Lieven Eeckhout, Kathryn S McKinley, in ACM International Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compiler Techniques (PACT) Best Paper Nomination (4/37), ACM – Association for Computing Machinery, August 1, 2014, View abstract, Download PDF





An Evaluation of the TRIPS Computer System
Mark Gebhart, Bertrand A. Maher, Katherine E. Coons, Jeff Diamond, Paul Gratz, Mario Marino, Nitya Ranganathan, Behnam Robatmili, Aaron Smith, James Burrill, Stephen W. Keckler, Doug Burger, Kathryn S McKinley, in International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, ACM, March 7, 2009, View abstract, View external link


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System Design for Cloud Services – 3 Minute Madness


July 15, 2016


Dilma Da Silva, Klara Nahrstedt, Anirudh Badam, Jason Mars, Michael Taylor, Ricardo Bianchini, Yuxiong He, Kathryn McKinley, Todd Mytkowicz


Texas A&M University, University of Illinois, Microsoft, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Department of Electrical, UCSD, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft



  • “Uncertain: A First-Order Type for Uncertain Data,” J. Bornholt, T. Mytkowicz, and K.S. McKinley, ASPLOS 2014. Selected for ACM SIGPLAN Research Highlights, November 2014. Selected for IEEE MICRO Top Picks June, 2015.
  • “Myths and Realities: The Performance Impact of Garbage Collection,” B.M. Blackburn, P. Cheng, and K.S. McKinley, SIGMETRICS 2004, selected for ACM SIGMETRICS Test of Time Award, August 2014.
  • “Optimizing for Parallelism and Data Locality,” Ken Kennedy and K. S. McKinley, ICS 1992, selected for ICS 25th Anniversary Volume, 2014.
  • Most Influential OOPSLA Paper Award from 2002 (awarded 2012): E. Berger, B. Zorn, and K.S. McKinley, Reconsidering Custom Memory Allocation,” OOPSLA, Seattle WA, November 2002.
  • SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award 2012, for contributions to Jikes RVM.
  • “Looking Back and Looking Forward: Power, Performance, and Upheaval,” CACM Research Highlight, 2012 (Abbreviated for a general audience from ASPLOS 2011.)
  • “What is Happening to Power, Performance, and Software?”  IEEE Micro Top Picks 2012. (Abbreviated for architects from ASPLOS 2011.)
  • ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award, 2011
  • IEEE Fellow
  • ACM Fellow

Testimony to House Science Committee

On February 14, 2013, Kathryn McKinley on behalf of Microsoft testified along with Ed Lazowska (UW) and Kelly Gaither (Texas Advanced Computing Center) to the House Science Committee’s Subcommittee on Research and Science Education on the topic of innovation in information technology. Her testimony focused on (1) the academic, industry, and government ecosystem that is driving innovations in the IT sector; (2) the need for investment in key research areas such as big data, privacy, secure systems and computing performance; and (3) increasing diversity to meet computing workforce needs and drive innovation. Video


Press on power efficiency