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Mehdi Fatemi is a reinforcement learning (RL) researcher and one of the founding members of the Reinforcement Learning Team at MSR Montréal. He mainly studies the problem of sequential decision-making in poorly-known environments. His research and core contributions to reinforcement learning have covered areas from theoretical research and formal proves, all the way through leading massive code developments for large-scale RL problems. Over past several years, he has played a key role in multiple reinforcement learning projects.

Mehdi finished his Ph.D. at Cognitive Systems Lab, McMaster University, under the supervision of the well-known textbook author Simon Haykin, where he also played a key role in pioneering “cognitive control”.

Mehdi is a senior member of the IEEE. His research has been highlighted in many news outfits so far. He also holds three US patents in RL-related subjects.

He loves math, programming, music composing, and cooking.

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