Portrait of Ming Gong (YIMING)

Ming Gong (YIMING)

Principle Applied Scientist Manager, Microsoft STCA Search & Distribution


Dr. Ming Gong (公明) is a Principal Applied Scientist Manager at Microsoft STCA NLP Group, leading an elite team with 40+ applied scientists and engineers to develop NLP technologies and applications. Her research interests include Question Answering, Search intelligence, Cross Lingual Models, Pre-trained models, etc.

Before joining MS, she received her Ph.D. on Graphics and Visual Computing from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2013, under supervision of Prof. Hua Li (opens in new tab).

We are hiring NLP researchers, engineers, and interns! If you have strong publications and experiences in above areas and are willing to work in Microsoft Beijing or Suzhou, feel free to shoot me your resume (migon@microsoft.com (opens in new tab)).