Portrait of Nikhil Swamy

Nikhil Swamy

Senior Principal Researcher


I’m a Senior Principal Researcher in the RiSE group at MSR Redmond. My work covers various topics including type systems, program logics, functional programming, program verification and interactive theorem proving. I often think about how to use these techniques to build provably secure programs, including web applications, web browsers, crypto protocol implementations, and low-level systems code.

Many of my current projects connect somehow to F*, a programming language and verification tool for higher-order, effectful programs. You can learn more about F*, including trying an interactive tutorial, at https://fstar-lang.org

F* is the main programming language used in the Project Everest, a project that aims to build and deploy a verified, drop-in replacement of the HTTPS stack, a lynchpin of internet security. I co-lead Everest and the project includes researchers from MSR Redmond, MSR Cambridge, MSR India and INRIA Paris.