Portrait of Nikhil Swamy

Nikhil Swamy

Senior Principal Researcher



I am organizing a new event, the Developing Secure Systems Summit (DS3). Stay tuned for more information.

I have been in the past or am currently the co-chair of SecDev 2019, PLAS 2013 and PLPV 2012.

I often serve on program committees for various programming languages and computer security venues. A partial list of some venues that I have served

IEEE Security & Privacy Oakland 2019, Euro S&P 2018 Oakland 2017,  Oakland 2016,

ACM Principles of Programming Languages: POPL 2019, POPL 2014

ACM International Conference on Functional Programming: ICFP 2017 ICFP 2013

Computer Security Foundations: CSF 2020 CSF 2015 CSF 2012, CSF 2011,

ETAPS European Symposium on Programming: ESOP 2020

ACM Certified Programs and Proofs: CPP 2020

Others: ML 2016 (I’m also on the steering committee of the awesome ML workshop), POST 2016, POST 2014, DTP 2013, , PLACES 2013, TFP 2013, HOPE 2012TFP 2012,  PLACES 2012POST 2012,PLAS 2011, FTfJP 2010

Some recent talks, random stuff:

Proofs of Correctness and Security for Programs that Mix C and Assembly Seminar at INRIA, Paris; October 9, 2019

Formal Verification with F* and Meta-F* Lectures and tutorial at ECI 2019 in Buenos Aires

Verifying Low-Level Code for Correctness and Security Lectures at the Oregon Programming Language Summer School (2019)

Verifying Imperative Programs with Functional Programming Keynote Talk at Trends in Functional Programming (TFP) 2019

People of POPL interview with Jean Yang

Functional Geekery (podcast interview about F*) 2016

Dijkstra monads for free: A framework for deriving and extending F*’s effectful semantics; Invited talk at ITP 2016 (Interactive Theorem Proving)

The ICFP Contest 2013: Calibrating research on program synthesis; Contest chairs’ report at the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP), 2013

Certified correctness for higher order programs; Invited talk at VSTTE (Verified Software: Theories, Tools and Experiments) 2013

Taming JavaScript with F*; Keynote at HCSS (High Confidence Software and Systems) 2013

Some of my old (pre-2008) projects are available from University of Maryland’s programming languages research group.