Portrait of Pashmina Cameron

Pashmina Cameron

Principal Scientist


I work in Mixed Reality & AI Lab – Cambridge. My current interests include computer vision, natural language understanding and optimization.

Previously, at Microsoft Research Lab – Cambridge, I worked on a number of projects in Machine Intelligence, Health Intelligence and Optics for the cloud (notably, machine learning for Project HSD and Project Silica).

Before joining Microsoft Research Cambridge in 2018, I led a computer vision R&D team (now part of MicroFocus) at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. My research spanned areas such as SLAM, 3D reconstruction and 3D change detection, augmented reality. I also developed industrial computer vision solutions for face recognition, object detection and recognition, license plate recognition and intelligent scene analysis. See IDOL.

Prior to 2011, (as Pashmina Bendale), I did a PhD  in Signal Processing Lab, University of Cambridge on a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. In a previous life, I built commercial foreign exchange software at Integral which is still being used full-steam today.

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Introduction to Autograd, RSE Con UK 2019
Concrete ways to build an inclusive workplace, RSE Con UK 2019

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