Portrait of Pashmina Cameron

Pashmina Cameron

Senior Research Software Engineering Lead


I lead the Deep learning engineering team in All Data AI (ADA) group within Microsoft Research Cambridge. Previously, I worked on Project Silica and Healthcare Intelligence.

Before joining Microsoft Research in 2018, I led a computer vision R&D team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. My research work spanned areas such as SLAM, 3D reconstruction and 3D change detection, augmented reality. I also worked on industrial computer vision applications such as face recognition, object detection and recognition, license plate recognition and intelligent scene analysis.

Prior to 2011, (as Pashmina Bendale), I did a PhD in Signal Processing Lab, University of Cambridge on a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. In a previous life, I built commercial foreign exchange software at Integral which is still being used full-steam today.

Openings: We have several openings, see ADA opportunities to apply.

Fast code with just enough effort, UK RSE 2018


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