Portrait of Paul Oka

Paul Oka

Principal Program Manager


I am a principal research program manager at Microsoft Research, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My office is located at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center near Kendall Square in the MSR New England lab. The lab is pursuing new, interdisciplinary areas of research that bring together core computer scientists and social scientists to understand, model and enable the computing and online experiences of the future. My role in the lab is focused on enabling technology transfer between Microsoft Research and Microsoft product groups.

Prior to joining MSR New England I was a member of MSR external research group where I was the co-chair of the Microsoft/MIT alliance (iCampus) which had the goal of enhancing university education through the use of information technology. In 2006 I helped launch the Microsoft Pen Centric Computing Center at Brown University and in 2007 I launched the Center for Collaborative Technologies at the University of Washington to continue the development of the ConferenceXP platform.

My professional interest is in ubiquitous computing and how we can communicate instantly with each other without limitations of time and/or location. Today mobile devices are helping us be connect no matter where we are.