Portrait of Ranveer Chandra

Ranveer Chandra

Managing Director, Research for Industry
Partner Manager, Networking Research
CTO, Agri-Food


I have served on the Ph.D. committees of a few outstanding students:

  • Omid Fatemieh (UIUC, 2011, now at Microsoft)
  • Eric Rozner (UT Austin, 2011, now at UC Boulder)
  • Shravan Rayanchu (U Wisconsin, 2012, now at Google)
  • Souvik Sen (Duke, 2012, now at Google).
  • Parya Moinzadeh (UIUC, 2013, now at Google)
  • Farhana Ashraf (UIUC, 2013)
  • George Nychis (CMU, 2013, now at Adaptrum)
  • Mariya Zheleva (UCSB, 2014, now at SUNY)
  • Apurv Bhartia (UT Austin, 2014, now at Cisco)
  • Omid Abari (MIT, 2017, now at UCLA)
  • Curtis Kexiong Zeng (Virginia Tech, 2018, now at Facebook)
  • Deepak Vasisht (MIT, 2019, now at UIUC)
  • Talal Ahmad (NYU, 2019, now at Google)
  • Collen Josephson (Stanford, 2020, now at VMWare)
  • Debopam Bhattacharjee (ETH, 2021, now at MSR)

I have also worked with some very good interns:

  • Yuvraj Agarwal (UCSD)
    2006: Reducing power consumption of VoIP over Wi-Fi for smartphones
    2007: Worked on reducing energy consumption of desktop PCs and laptops
    Currently Assistant Professor in CMU, Previously Director of SYNERGY Labs @ UCSD
  • Talal Ahmad (NYU)
    2016: New communication techniques between airplanes and the ground
  • Emmanuel Azuh (MIT)
    2018: Microclimate prediction for Agriculture
  • Apurv Bhartia (UT Austin)
    2011: Designed efficient wireless display mechanisms
  • Aakanksha Chowdhery (Stanford)
    2012: Investigated Dynamic Spectrum Access techniques in various spectrum bands
    Now at Microsoft Research
  • Saumitra Das (Purdue)
    2006: New routing metrics for mesh networks
    Currently Sr. Systems Engineer, R&D at Qualcomm
  • Chris Dekmezian (UC Berkeley)
    2015: New dynamic battery designs
  • Jian Ding (Rice University)
    2017, 2018: RF based sensing for soil
  • Jing Dong (Georgia Tech)
    2017: Vision techniques to align multi-spectral and RGB images, 4-D time lapse
  • Omid Fatemieh (UIUC)
    2008 to 2010: Security in White Space networks
    Now at Google
  • Tony Ferresse (UC Berkeley)
    2014: Investigated chemistries to be used in multi-battery mobile systems
    Now at Tesla
  • Tulika Garg (IIT Roorkee)
    2006: Implemented mesh routing support in QualNet
  • Pan Hu (UMass)
    2014: Designed hardware for multi-battery mobile systems
  • Junchen Jiang (CMU)
    2013: Security in mobile systems
  • Xinxin Jin (UCSD)
    2015: Cloud for weakly connected IoT systems
  • Suraj Jog (UIUC)
    2018: Sensing environments using RF, MAC for long range networks
  • Colleen Josephson (Stanford)
    2018: Backscatter based sensing in Agriculture
  • Srikanth Kandula (MIT)
    2006: Developed algorithms for localizing faults in enterprise networks
    2007: Developed eXpose for determining communication rules in a packet trace
    Now at Microsoft Research
  • Zerina Kapetanovic (University of Washington)
    2015: Sensors, solar panels, and white spaces for IoT deployments
    2016: RF for long range networks
  • Manikanta Kotaru (Stanford)
    2015: Diagnosing Skype call quality over wireless networks
  • Lopa Kundu (NCSU)
    2015: Efficient antenna designs for small form factor mobile devices
    Now at Intel Research
  • Amy Kumar (U. Iowa)
    2015: Single radio design for XBOX
    2016: Extremely low-latency XBOX wireless
  • Matthew Lentz (U Maryland)
    2016: Algorithms for Software Defined Batteries
  • Jing Li (UCSD)
    2013: Studied the energy overhead of mobile storage systems
  • Lun Li (Caltech)
    2006: Algorithms for a black box technique to detect faults using packet traces
  • Qingxi Li (UIUC)
    2011: Techniques for low-latency wireless display
  • Radhika Mittal (IIT Kharagpur, now at UC Berkeley)
    2011: An energy estimator for mobile apps
    Now Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley
  • Parya Moinzadeh (UIUC)
    2012: Developed data driven techniques for diagnosing energy bugs on mobile devices
    Now at Google
  • Rohan Murty (Harvard)
    2006-2007: Design and implementation of a dense access point system
    2008: Worked on protocols for networking in UHF bands
    2009: Worked on a geo-location service for white spaces
    Now Harvard Fellow, EVP at Infosys
  • Andres Neyem (University of Chile)
    2009: Designed a system for proximity sensing
    Now Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • George Nychis (CMU)
    Worked on MIC interference issues in white spaces & campus deployment
    2010: Studies loss characteristics in wireless networks
    Now at Adaptrum
  • Ki-Woong Park (KAIST)
    2009: Designed and implemented a new system for social networking on phones
  • Chunyi Peng (UCLA)
    2013: Modulation techniques to be used in the XBOX One
    Now Assistant Professor in Ohio State
  • Ramya Raghavendra (UCSB)
    2007: Worked on applications of variable channel widths in 802.11
    Now at IBM Research, TJ Watson
  • Hariharan Rahul (MIT)
    2009: Designed algorithms for coexistence in white space networks
  • Shravan Rayanchu (Wisconsin)
    2010: Working on real-world channel width adaptation algorithms
    Now at Google
  • Eric Rozner (UT Austin)
    2010: Studied loss characteristics in wireless networks
    Now at IBM Research, Previously at AT&T Research
  • Jinghao Shi (SUNY Buffalo)
    2015: Wireless protocol verification
    2016: Verifying the implementation of wireless protocols
  • Evangelia Skiani (Columbia)
    2014: Algorithms to use multi-battery systems
  • Vasuki Narasimha Swamy (UC Berkeley)
    2016: Techniques for low-cost, long term aerial monitoring
  • Deepak Vasisht (MIT)
    2015: Design of an IoT Edge, and the Machine Learning and Vision algorithms for Agriculture
    2016: MAC & PHY design for long range wireless communication. Also, using RF to sense soil.
  • Xiaohui (Eeyore) Wang (CMU)
    2009: Explored changes in the network stack for the next generation of networking technolgies
  • Jongho Won (Purdue)
    2015: Path planning and battery life optimizations for drones
  • Hang Yu (Rice)
    2 internships in 2012: Investigated techniques to use in the protocol of the XBOX One Wireless Controllers
  • Yuan Yuan (University of Maryland)
    Summer 2006, Fall 2006 & Spring 2007: Designed a new MAC for cognitive radios, and implemented it in QualNet
    Now at Google
  • Sangki Yun (UT Austin)
    2013: Studied bandwidth overlapping systems in 802.11ac
  • Mariya Zheleva (UCSB)
    2013: Worked on the spectrum observatory — to mine spectrum measurements for patters of spectrum use
  • Xia Zhou (UCSB)
    2011: Working on low power Wi-Fi mechanisms
    Now Assistant Professor in Dartmouth College